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Pro Audio

My Listening Room

Music listening enjoyment is a crucial aspect of being a successful musician, songwriter or producer/recording engineer.

For this reason, I choose my audio and studio equipment with a discerning audition, paying close attention to the music. It is paramount that any equipment, cable, processor or device in a system be capable of preserving the harmonic structure, rhythm, pace and convey "The Groove" to the listener. The proportions of  individual fundamental tones and overtones with respect to each other, i.e.: harmonic series, establishes one unique sound to another to our ears. This is a critical element in sound recording and reproduction that is difficult to quantify.

For these reasons, I choose ® components and my system is completely vacuum tube, from CD player to Pre-Amp and Amplifier.

World Renown Conrad Johnson Premiere 11A Amp.

70 watts per channel, ~55 Lbs.


Cable is highly crucial. And althought it is subjective to most people, I find that the right cable for a system will make it blossom!!!! Kimber Cables connect my system.

® Select

All these cables are extraordinary and neutral!
Use 1030 Interconnects between components and Speaker Wires are:
Monocle - XL™

Pro Audio