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Music Industry & Studio Experience

Music Conference Panelist:

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Panelist on "The Producers" panel at the
NXNE North By North East Music Festival & Conference, Toronto Hilton. Discussed various aspects of the industry. Also served on the NXNE "Mentor" Sessions for two consecutive years.

Find out more at the NXNE site.

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Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Promotion/Art Department.
Wrote ads for Hits Magazine, Billboard, Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly.

Studio Recording

    Conway Recording Studios
, Hollywood, CA; Additional Work with Producer Erik Zobler And Artists, out of the studio.

    Paramount Recording Studios , Hollywood, CA; Assistant Engineering, Mic - Drum Kit Setups.

Mars Recording Studio, Seattle, WA; Engineered for Roger Fisher, the original guitarist for Heart.

WCFE Radio, upstate NY; Volunteer work recording local artists.


Sound Reinforcement: Various Jazz Ensembles and Concerts at State University of NY. Setup and ran sound for "Ritual", a popular college band in upstate New York.

ENGINEERING: Directed and oversaw microphone set up on various drum kits, acoustic pianos and instruments, and implemented special microphone techniques for several vocal sessions. Prepared track sheets and efficiently managed the console during multi-track and mix down sessions.

PRODUCTION: Organized studio musicians, background singers, engineers, rentals and financial matters. Assisted songwriter with musical arrangements, and worked with singers on beneficial vocal techniques. Developed complete promotional-biographical package for local Boston artists, including 24 track masters.