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Image Development: By carefully considering the market thrust and integrating the sonic signature of the artist, I develop an appealing concept for the artist's charisma.
Professional Photographer: with the Mamiya Press Camera, I shoot proofs and develop "8X10" enlargements. See: Photography Page
Promotions: Produce comprehensive press kits and promote artists through performing venues and multimedia services on the internet.
Song Plugging: Major label and indie shopping.
Enjoy working privileges in Canada and the United States.




ProTools: Digital Editing and Sampling.
Mastering experience
Studied Mixdown with Carl Beatty, Prepared alternate final mixes utilizing "Disk Mix" Automation.
Tracking, engineering and producing on Mackie , /Sound Workshop , Consoles.
24 Track production work on ADAT, Otari and Studer machines with remote operation.
MIDI sequencing and tape sync experience.
Engineered studio sessions with various Lexicon reverbs and delays, Valley People Keypex noise gates and compressors, and URIE compressors,   and multi effects processors.
Trained engineer utilizing several microphone techniques and specialized placement topologies of microphones from:

Spectacular 441! Even on Vocals!

M149!, U47 What A Lush!!!!

, ,

414, Love It!

D-12, D-112Favorite For Kick!


What Can Be Said About This One?


Tape It To The Window!!!