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Sales Experience:

5 Years in Audio & Records, From Pop to Audiophile Recordings.

Specialized High End Audio Retail:
Alpha Stereo Plattsburgh, NY: Concentrated on developing high end segment of business with product lines such as: Rotel , B&W , Celestion , NAD , Adcom , Audio Alchemy , Mission .

  • Additional Marketing Developments: Performed modifications to Rotel CD Players and various speakers sold.

  • Modifications included Specialty Parts consisted of Solen Capacitors, Solen Air Core Inductors, and Semi Conductors FET Devices from Motorola and Analog Devices . 

Q-Audio Cambridge, MA: Raised sales of new and used esoteric equipment; Quicksilver , Conrad Johnson , PS Audio , Luxman , Paradigm , Carver , Sota Turntables & Speakers.

Business Experience